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“As a parent of nineteen children, I have witnessed the simplicity of the joy, trust,
and innocence they possess. When Jesus speaks, we would be wise to listen!
Jill has listened and, with stories from her heart that bare her soul, Jill walks the reader through the process of learning how to Run with Abandon into the waiting arms of our heavenly Father. Life is complex, but Jesus calls us to live simply as His children. I encourage you to read this book and let the journey begin! ” 


Pat Williams,

Senior Vice President of the Orlando Magic

"Reading 'Run with Abandon' will inspire you to consider the childlike qualities that made life simple in our relationships with others and most importantly with God. Jill paints a wonderful picture of the love Jesus has for each of His children through her life experience as a wife, mom, 'grammy', daughter and friend. As you read this book, I imagine you will envision Jesus waiting with His arms open wide waiting for you to run toward Him to enjoy the relationship God created us to enjoy.'"

Vince Nauss, President - Baseball Chapel


"How can one get so much out of such a simple thought as 'running to the Father with abandon.'  Perhaps that is because Jill's life experience has taught her that running to the Father is both simple and complex.  As the facets on a diamond make it sparkle, so do the many facets exposed in this book make it sparkle. Reading this book is a stress reliever.  It simplifies our cluttered lives.  It says, 'Relax and go for it -- He is waiting.'"


Bill Redmon,
President of Removing the Barriers Initiative and
former Executive Director of Lake Aurora Christian Camp and Retreat Center  

 RemovingBarriers  LakeAurora 


"I have been privileged to know Jill McGaffigan for over twenty years.  Her sincere, caring, authentic and loyal walk with 'The Savior' has always been so inviting. When I see Jill ~ I see 'The Father'! 'Run with Abandon' is the overflow of Jill's quest to know and follow Jesus. She encourages you to fall into the arms of a God that cares.  She challenges you to surrender to 'The One' who loves you most and knows you best.  'Run with Abandon' exposes her heart and reveals Heaven's heart.


Thanks Jill for sharing the deep waters that flows from your soul!"


Tim Cash, Lead Pastor

"Run with Abandon stirred up one of my favorite stories from the Gospels, The Prodigal Son.  I have read it many times, each time seeing God (the Prodigal’s Father) standing on the roof of the house, on the chimney, on tiptoes watching for the return of his son.  I can see the son and the Father running with the abandon which Jill describes so well.  Jill’s touching and real life stories stirred that deep chord in my own soul which encourages me to run with 'carefree, almost reckless, desire to know him completely!'  Jill’s insights are powerful in the honest sharing of her own family life.  I am gratefully reminded by Jill that God desires to be close to us, in the easy and the tough times.  Run with Abandon is a gift to all of us when we drift too far from the Father’s love and discover that it is time to go home."


Rev. David McEntire, Senior Pastor, First United Methodist Church, Lakeland, Fl.

"Jill McGaffigan is a artful story-teller. In Run with Abandon, she weaves stories of her personal experiences with biblical insights as she urges her readers to return to the pursuit of the right kind of relationship with the Father. It is a heartening and inspiring read."

Holly J. Carey, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biblical Studies at Point University  


"I have had the pleasure of knowing Jill and her husband Andy for many years. God has put this book on Jill's heart and it is a message for today.
In a world where we are told to grow up, Jill reminds us that Jesus wants us to have a childlike faith. In a world that says DO, we learn how to BE what God wants us to be."


Tom Roy, Founder/President UPI


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